New Innovation, Youth and Growth

We hear so much about the hobby as aging and not appealing to the youth. Today at an operations session of a large layout we having a good time with the normal issues of crowded tracks or aisles and the normal couplers that adjustment.  Several of our operators were under 30 with one under 18.  This is a good sign and one I hope will be repeated in many places.

One way we can interest young people is moving forward with the new and not focusing on the past.  We can seek new ways that interest them and relates to their world. It is known that most young people (and many others) exist on their smart phones. Today at the ops session mentioned in the first paragraph the owner of the Western Maryland (Moseley Subdivision) after the session settled down and was running smoothly allowed me to setup the new Digitrax LNWI.  The setup took less than a minute and it is prime example of how simple things should be to operate on a model railroad.

Once the setup was done and the new wifi device c…

November 2017 in Charlottesville

November Get Together at Cardboard Safari

We will have a clinic which include a demosltration of laser cutting of a structure and module/LDE benchwork. Second clinic is unamed as of yet. Our tour will be of Bob Macionis Layout which is a basement filling layout which will be torn down and a new one built shortly after our gatherning. Plans of the new layout will be on display

Please bring a folding chair!!!

Meeting this Saturday at 930 AM

Join us this coming Saturday for 2 clinics and a layout open house.  We will gather in Lynchburg at Fort Hill UMC to hear about using home laser cutters in modeling by George Riley who is a frequent contributor to the On30 Annual and Traction modeling by Garth Quole. Remember to bring a diorama for the Modeling Theme. Jean Raas will have his O Scale layout open after lunch.  For details click this LINK

Philip Taylor
JRD Superintendent

NMRA Partnership Program

The NMRA Partnership program or as some call it the discount program was a big announcement that gives another reason to join the NMRA 
***NMRA Partnership Program***
Today 8/7/2017 we are pleased to announce the launch of the NMRA Partnership Program offering discounts to our members. We will be adding more partners soon, but members can now take advantage of the following discounts:
Catzpaw Innovations - 10%  Green Frog Productions - 20% Larc Products - 10%  Logic Rail Technologies - 10%  Micro-Mark - 15% Motrak Models - 10% MRC - 25% off their 'Light Genie' RR-CirKits - 15%  Rusty Stumps - 10% Unreal Details - 20%
Members can find the discount codes in our members only section of our website by following this link

Lynchburg Rail Days 2017

Lynchburg Rail Days is this weekend for those in the JRD and surrounding areas.  Last year was an enjoyable event with a number of bargains for those looking for odds and ends.  There were a few smaller layouts setup.  This year should be a repeat of last year.  Details are available by the link below.

Shifting into Operations

The thing many like about model railroading is the variety of tasks from building cars, scenery, track work, locomotive detailing, electronics and many other tasks.  If you get bored or your interests change you can work on another area.  Lately, more members of the JRD are operating their layouts according to a schema they devise for the layout.  The layout may not even been designed initially for operations, but layouts can be rebuilt, expanded and changed to fit new interests.

George Gaige is a JRD member who has changed his layout and is still changing his layout to adjust to new interests.  His story was recently published in the April 2017 Dispatchers Office (released in late July 2017) which is published by the Operations Special Interest Group or OPSIG.  Pick up or borrow a copy of the issue to learn how George has adapted his layout to his new operations interest.