Shifting into Operations

The thing many like about model railroading is the variety of tasks from building cars, scenery, track work, locomotive detailing, electronics and many other tasks.  If you get bored or your interests change you can work on another area.  Lately, more members of the JRD are operating their layouts according to a schema they devise for the layout.  The layout may not even been designed initially for operations, but layouts can be rebuilt, expanded and changed to fit new interests.

George Gaige is a JRD member who has changed his layout and is still changing his layout to adjust to new interests.  His story was recently published in the April 2017 Dispatchers Office (released in late July 2017) which is published by the Operations Special Interest Group or OPSIG.  Pick up or borrow a copy of the issue to learn how George has adapted his layout to his new operations interest.


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