Monday, January 14, 2013

MER 2013

The following message is from the MER 2013 Convention Host Division:
Be there! MER Convention: 2013
Tony Koester. Marty McGuirk. Monroe Stewart. Howard Zane. Tally ‘em up and put ‘em down for the MER Convention in Rockville, MD on Columbus Day weekend, 2013. Tony Koester, chronicler of Trains of Thought, his extraordinary sagas of modeling, will present a clinic and serve as Banquet speaker. Marty McGuirk, developing his new Central Vermont-Winooski Division, will conduct a clinic and illustrate his progress in fine scale modeling. Monroe Stewart, builder of Hootch Junction, will open his layout for N and HO enthusiasts. And Howard Zane, legendry builder of the Piermont Division, will host a layout open house in nearby Columbia. With those talents alone, modelers are signing for Rockville now. Watch our webpage for further developments!  Send email to .
Marshall Abrams, Co-Chair, C&P Junction
Kurt Thompson, Co-Chair, C&P Junction

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